Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect during the first telephone call?
Kristen or a representative will contact you and go into further detail of what you are looking for. A follow-up email will be sent with a certificate of insurance and outlining pricing and terms and conditions.  Before a representative will come into a home a photo identification will be required to be sent . 48 hours before the meeting identification will be sent to the client on who is coming into their home. 
What will happen during the in-person meeting? 

During the meeting, Salera Home Solutions, Inc. will look at what needs to be done including but not limited to taking measurements and going over ideas on how to improve the space. A retainer fee will be discussed during this time, the terms and conditions, and an appointment will be scheduled with the home organizer.  
What happens after the in-person meeting? 

A follow-up email will be sent summarizing the meeting and what was discussed including an invoice showing a retainer fee was received and an appointment confirmation.

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