My Wallet is Missing!

Quick! Your wallet has been stolen! Name every single item that was in it! I know I can’t, can you? Read on for tips to help you remain calm when your wallet is lost or stolen.

We all know someone who has had a lost or stolen wallet right? Dealing with all of those phone calls and stress is not fun. When Kristen had her wallet stolen she realized how quickly things can go wrong. After making all the necessary phone calls and getting things back in order she started doing something every year that would prevent some of this stress if it happened again. Making a copy of EVERYTHING in her wallet.

If your wallet is lost or stolen you know canceling credit cards is of utmost importance. Of course contact the police immediately if you suspect theft. But what are the correct numbers for your credit card companies? How many cards were in my wallet? Who do I call about my insurance cards? There’s so much information we take for granted almost daily.

There’s a few ways to handle this:

  1. Photocopy everything and keep it in a secure place.
  2. Scan each item to a secure file on your computer.
  3. Take pictures with your phone and create an album specifically for this purpose but ensure they aren’t synching with the cloud.

Update these files every time you get new cards or set a reminder to check all this info once a year, maybe around the holidays or tax time.

Don’t carry information you don’t need. Keep your social security card somewhere safe. I keep all my important documents in a fireproof safety box. This goes for your passport as well. If you aren’t traveling, you probably don’t need to carry it around daily. The process to obtain a new passport if lost or stolen is extremely lengthy so only carry when absolutely necessary.

Also when traveling, carry only the bare minimum. Especially abroad.

I hope these tips help! Now go clean out your wallet and take a good inventory!

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