Our Top 10 Organizing Products

By: Tara Lorenz

Each space we organize is always unique. Different families with different needs and different space issues. We aren’t always able to use the same products in each situation but we absolutely have our tried and true favorites. The ones we go back to time and again because of how versatile they are.  Although we have many more these are our top ten.

1. Stackable Bin with Bamboo Lid  These combine function, versatility, and aesthetics.They come in multiple sizes and can be used in almost any room.  Use them to store craft supplies or small toys.  Store cotton balls or nail supplies in your bathroom. They are also food safe for your pantry.

2. Divided Lazy Susan  I love a well designed Lazy Susan. The deep divided trays of this one make it extremely user friendly. Nothing will fall off of this with a good spin. Use it in your fridge for sauces and condiments. Fill those awkward corner spaces in your pantry or store all those hair products neatly under the bathroom sink.

3. Wrapping Paper Storage Container Lets be honest, most of us don’t have a wrapping station in our home. This makes any area able to be that station. It’s easy to store under a bed or on the top shelf in a closet. Transport it anywhere you don’t want prying eyes seeing what you are wrapping. If you are like me wrapping holiday gifts for hours is much more fun in front of a cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie and this makes it easy to set up shop in your living room. 

4. Spice Jar Drawer Organizer Not only does this spice organizer look amazing, it tucks away in a drawer to eliminate counter clutter and each spice is easy to see at a glance.

5. White Storage Bins These bins are so versatile from the kitchen to your bedroom. Sturdy white plastic allows you to store heavier items in your pantry and are easy to clean for those unexpected spills under your bathroom sink. You can use them in your closet to separate swimsuits from workout clothes. 

6. Pantry Storage Containers– Decanting your pantry items isn’t just for looks. These containers keep food fresh, saves space, allows you to see what is left, and is pretty enough for open shelving. Thats a win in our books!

7. Cube Organizer Shelf: This an inexpensive option to organize just about every room- playroom, bedroom, mudroom, even in the kitchen! There is a variety of fabric bins to slide right in for storage of toys, clothing, office supplies. The cubes can hold larger items or decor without a bin and they make great bookshelves as well. Some brands even have inserts, drawers or pegboards added to them for even more organizing possibilities.

8. Y weave plastic storage:  These sturdy baskets come in a variety of sizes to store whatever you need. They can be used in pantries, closets or under the kitchen sink. The smaller sized baskets can help divide the bigger ones into different categories. You can use them in drawers as dividers as well. They come in a variety of colors but I like to stick with white to be able to move them from space to space as needs change.

9. Over the door organizer : I love these organizers especially in small spaces. Make those doors work FOR you. They literally can be used for anything. Use them in the playroom for small toys or Barbie dolls. I’ve used them as a makeshift “medicine cabinet” for miscellaneous bathroom supplies.  Pantry items like dressings, sauces or snacks can tuck right in.  Seasonal accessories like sunscreen and bug spray or hats and gloves are right at your fingertips. And of course shoes!

10. Mesh Zippered Storage: These storage bags are great for so many things. Use them to organize toiletries for travel, school supplies, document storage, puzzle pieces, legos,  and even board games!

There you have it. Our top ten favorite organizing products. We love discovering new products and different uses for the ones we love. Share your faves with us!

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