Organize Those Ornaments…and Other Holiday Storage Tips

by: Tara Lorenz

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  As the Christmas Season is in full swing and most of us have decked the halls….did you take a good look at how you put away those decorations last year? Were the lights tangled? Ornaments crushed or broken? Was there absolutely no rhyme or reason to how you stored things? Well don’t worry!! There are some really simple solutions that you can implement this year when you are packing it all back up!



For me personally this is what I have the most of. Handmade, keepsakes, special gifts over the years and now my kids are adding to the bunch. Laughing over daddy’s legless gingerbread man or mommy’s school photo on a Christmas bell is becoming tradition so we need to keep those special memories safe. For years I have had an ornament bin that is the bane of my existence. It is 3 levels deep and has lots of compartments for all of my ornaments. Sounds dreamy I know. But in reality it pretty much sucks. The levels aren’t separate from each other. You can’t remove a tray to see what is below it and it is open on the sides so all the smaller ornaments inevitably end up sliding through to the next level and the little hooks get all tangled together. This year I’m taking my own advice and upgrading. I have my eyes on this little number from The Container Store. Note the removable trays and enclosed sides! I’m also leaning towards this one from Amazon. The pull out drawers have my attention for sure. The last option I am considering is this sturdy plastic one from Target. The levels are separate but click together. The plastic keeps it dry and protected from dust and it’s clear so you can easily locate a specific ornament if needed. 

The Container Store




There are a ton of options for wreath storage. I have about 10 wreaths that I need to store each season and I found soft zipper storage like this works best in my space.  This one from Amazon has amazing reviews and is a great price for a pack of 2. It is circular so it’s a perfect fit for most wreaths but don’t forget to measure your wreath before you purchase any storage solution! Sturdy plastic storage is always a plus for added protection like this wreath box from The Container Store.  




I use garland to decorate two different areas of my house and I found large plastic bins like these  work best for my needs. I label the bins for indoor and outdoor use so they don’t get mixed up.  If the lights are on a timer make sure you switch them to off when you pack them up. Walking down to your basement storage area in mid February to lit garland in a bin is confusing. Ask me how I know? You can also use zippered tree bags for your garland as well. 



Speaking of trees, if you have an artificial tree you will need a good storage solution to keep that investment safe and in good condition year after year. We always had an artificial tree growing up and it was in its original box. I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. There are several options for tree storage depending on your space. Upright storage bags let you keep the tree intact, sometimes even decorated if you so choose.  Tree bags are a more compact way to store your tree. They come in many options and sizes so make sure you think about where you are storing it and measure your tree for the right fit.



Nothing screams Christmas like a bazillion lights! And nothing can make you scream more during the holidays than untangling a bazillion lights. Wrapping your lights neatly around something is the best way to keep them tangle free till next year.  It could be a simple piece of sturdy cardboard or a fancy contraption like this light storage reel. Take the time to wind them up properly to save your sanity next season.



Nativity sets, snow globes , and countless other fragile items adorn our homes this time of year as well. Take care with those potential family heirlooms now. This deep lidded storage box has plenty of compartments to keep your items damage free. Depending on the size of your items you could use storage solutions made for mugs or stemware. Snow globes can be bubbled wrapped and placed in plastic totes. If they leak no other decoration will be damaged.  


I think I covered the biggies. I definitely have miscellaneous bins of decor that I have labeled by room or area and a few larger items that I lay on top of the bins. Have you found a storage solution you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments!

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